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COVID-19 Guidelines

07/21/2020 2:31 PM -


2020 Borough Cup COVID-19 Waiver (MANDATORY!)



The Borough Cup Team

·      All staff will have their temperatures checked before reporting for the day.

·      On site, they will be asked to wear face masks and gloves at all times.



·      All players and coaches must sign our COVID-19 Waiver before participating in games.

·      As part of the paperwork process, all participating teams must declare any games and/or tournaments they are playing outside of New York State during the Borough Cup (8/1-8/23). If a team is traveling to a state listed on Governor Cuomo’s advisory, they will be forced to quarantine for two-weeks before being allowed to return to tournament play. In the event there is not adequate time for them to isolate before the City Playoffs, the team will not advance.



·      No team will be allowed to enter the complex more than 1 hour before game time, nor can they be on the field more than 30 minutes before their scheduled start.

·      Before entering the facility, all players, coaches, and umpires must check-in with the Borough Cup Staff Member stationed at the front gates.  In the event the facility does not have a clear entrance, the employee will be stationed at the entrance to the field.

·      All participants will be asked to put their face mask on before having their temperatures taken. Any participant with a temperature of 100.5°F or greater will not be allowed to participate. Individuals who fail the first reading will be allowed one re-test after 20 minutes before being officially denied.

·      Coaches must bring some sort of disinfecting items to sterile areas and items as needed. Our Borough Cup Staff will also have Hand Sanitizer and Clorox Wipes available upon request.

·      Parents are encouraged to bring their own seating.

·      No spectators will be allowed behind home plate or on grandstands being used as extended dugouts.

·      Unless a facility has explicit signage stating otherwise, ALL BATTING CAGES ARE CLOSED.

·      Managers must be socially distanced while discussing “Ground Rules.”


In The Dugouts:

·      Players and Coaches must wear a mask AT ALL TIMES within the dugouts. If players do not have a mask, one will be provided by our field representative. The DUGOUT is defined as both the literal seating area as well as any additional surrounding spaces not being used by fans. If possible, only the next 4 hitters should be in the dugout while the team is batting. All additional players must be socially distanced in designated bleachers or areas nearby. In the event such space doesn’t exist, they may remain in the dugout with their masks on.

·      There will be NO SHARING OF EQUIPMENT. In the event equipment must be shared (i.e. Catchers Gear, Helmets, Bats), a coach must properly disinfect the item in between uses. Coaches who do not enforce this will receive one warning before being ejected.

·      There will be no sharing of drinks in the dugout at any time. All beverages in the dugout should be clearly labeled with each individual’s name so there is no confusion.

·      No shareable snacks such as Peanuts and Sunflower Seeds will be allowed. Individually packaged items such as Gum will be permitted.


On The Field:

·      Fielders & Hitters will not be required to wear a mask while playing.

·      Umpires will take their usual positions. The individual working the bases will be wearing a mask at all times, while the person behind home plate will wear a protective shield over their mask. The home plate umpire will also carry a mask in the event his face shield begins to fog.

·      Each team will use their own baseballs, taking them back to the dugout when they return to bat. If there is a ball hit out of play (foul or homerun), the team pitching is responsible for disinfecting before it can be used again.

·      Coaching Boxes will be clearly established on both foul lines and placed at least 7 feet away from the closest base, dugout, and/or grandstand. Within this area, the coach is allowed to remove his mask. However, if they need to leave this area for any reason, the must put their mask on to do so. Failure to comply will result in one warning followed by that individual’s ejection.

·      There will be no “team meetings” on the mound. Only the coach and the catcher will be allowed to come to the mound when time is called.


In The Complex:

·      Spectators must wear a mask AT ALL TIMES while inside our facilities. Individuals will receive one warning before being asked to leave.

·      The Borough Cup will have a hand sanitizer station set up at each facility.

·      The availability of bathrooms may vary from field to field.



·      There will be no handshake lines and high fives after the game.

·      Once a game is finished, all parents must leave the complex immediately and wait for their children in their vehicles. It is the responsibility of each team’s coaches to escort their players to their respective transportation.

·      Coaches and Players will be given only 10 minutes after their games to meet and pack up. Extra work such as sprints, throwing, and ground balls will not be allowed at any time.


Rules Enforcement:

·      The Tournament Committee and Complex Staff have been instructed to enforce these rules as strictly as possible.  While we understand short lapses might happen, we ask you to remain vigilant in order to avoid the damaging consequences.

·      Your Team and Fans are a collective unit. Official Warnings due to a rules violation apply to everyone, not just the individual at fault. Therefore, the second instance regardless of the culprit will result in that person’s ejection. If there is another occurrence after this, the game will be called a forfeit.

·      All warnings must be verbally announced to both teams by either a Borough Cup Staff Member or Umpire in order for it to be official.

·      All decisions to enforce these rule are final and cannot be protested.


Final Thoughts:

·      We ask for your complete cooperation during these extraordinary times.  We will not at any time jeopardize the health and safety of our players, coaches, umpires, and fans because of someone’s personal disapproval of the rules set forth. Continued refusal to strictly adhere to the guidelines will result in the team being disqualified from tournament play.  

·      The Tournament Committee reserves the right to update these rules throughout the tournament to ensure that we are hosting the safest event possible.

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